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At Jakes the emphasis is on quality, so whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat. We cater for everyone in true Italian style – parents having a break and giving the kids a healthy meal they’ll love, working lunches with efficient service, friends catching up over a glass of fine wine and antipasta or dinner out to savour all our culinary expertise. Take a look at what we have to offer you and enjoy the Jakes experience.

We also do take out coffee, cakes and sandwiches!

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The finest produce

To recreate the spirit of Italy we have looked to collaborate with like minded people. We source our meat, cheese and wine supplies from Artisan suppliers in Italy.

Where we can we use local produce for the obvious reason – its freshness and the ethics of supporting local small business. However, some foods just don’t taste the same when they aren’t grown in the country of origin. It’s about the soil, the climate, the altitude, even the breeze. You have to taste the product to believe it. We have and that’s why we use it.


Exciting and exclusive wine

We take the sourcing of our wine and coffee as seriously as we do our food and produce.

Our wine supplier is Grossi wines ( They provide award-winning, Italian wines from small artisan producers. They take the time to visit the wine producers personally and select only the best. Some wines are produced in quantities as little as a few hundred bottles per year and all offer something unique and special.


The best coffee

Our coffee has been heralded as the best in Harrogate. We believe it is. Again we have found a supplier who is passionate about their coffee beans. Our blend is a blend specifically made for espresso based coffee and we have a grind-on-demand machine so that the coffee is as fresh as possible right up until being expressed.


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