Sharing platters and beautiful wine selection
Sharing platters and beautiful wine selection
Mad Hatters tea-party anyone?
Mad Hatters tea-party anyone?
Our San Remo coffee machine - we love our coffee!
Our San Remo coffee machine - we love our coffee!
First the sourcing, then comes the presentation
First the sourcing, then comes the presentation

Welcome to Jakes

At Jakes we’re all about personality, individuality and breaking the mould.

We are all about providing you with a retreat to which you can escape the muscle and tussle of town-centre life. To serve freshly cooked, locally sourced, delicious food and drinks.

If you want to slowly sip a super-sexy artisan coffee whilst surfing on the free WIFI you can do it here. If you want a five-course wedding reception with string quartet or afternoon cocktail making session you can do it here.

Now the spectacular bits: well…where to begin? The amazing wine-club? Mmm…maybe the stonebaked pizzas… or our world famous giant meringues which draw the crowds but please remember to give the Tunisian orange cake a try – divine and gluten-free!

We are also situated in the oldest building in high Harrogate (we have the plaque to prove it).

Three different rooms to dine in, each tailored to suit individual tastes: the gallery has a modern blues feel, the lounge has a rustic ambience with a kids play area, the shop-floor has… well chairs delivered direct from the mad-hatters tea-party!

And let’s not forget our in-house bakery with a dedicated patisserie team lovingly preparing the choicest cakes in Harrogate. Our team can also hand-craft you a personalised cake to celebrate special occasion – Jakes cakes is where it’s at.

We love kids coming to eat and play: we’re far more than just family-friendly – our aim is to be the town centre place for parents to bring their children without the stress that usually comes with such a manoeuvre. We have oodles of crayons, colouring books, etcha-sketches, chalk boards and a Thomas the Tank engine train-set , giving you that much needed reprieve to re-energize and reorganize.

Jakes loves Harrogate and we hope you will come to love Jakes

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Jakes Wine Club

Northern Italy
Friday, March 27, 2015 @ 7.00pm

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